Image of MAN IN THE MASK #3 -48 pages w/extra story!

MAN IN THE MASK #3 -48 pages w/extra story!


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"Where in the World is the Ramses Feline?

After the events of issue 2, Tommy finds himself on unfamiliar ground in 1943. With no idea how he got there, he’s thrust into a quest to find an ancient artifact known as the “Ramses Feline.” He’ll have to duck gangsters while protecting a client he doesn’t even know. What’s going on? Will he be able to get home without catching a bullet first? Check this issue out to find out.

Also includes a 16 page EXTRA! story, starring the Sergeant (regular readers know him as the Colonel) in a flashback story during his early days in action.

Guest pinups by artists Chris Nye and Peter Clinton.

$7 -48 pages. Full Color

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